The Range at a Glance:

  • The JR Bendigo 2HSL is an open sided float, designed for the hotter areas of Australia. It has an average set bay size and is not adjustable like the rest of the fleet, but still has the sloped walls for extra comfort and balance for your horses.

  • The JR Winton 2HSL extended is an anti-scramble float made to transport your horses safely from A to B, with full anti-scramble adjustments and sloped walls.

  • The JR Longreach 2HSL extra extended has an extra 32.5cm in length than the Longreach and has a front cupboard included. This one is the most popular anti-scramble float with sloped walls.

  • The JR Condamine 2HSL has a spacious feel and is a longer, higher and wider bodied float with anti-scramble side tack bins giving extra width for horses to stabilise their legs during transit. IT has a large front cupboard/tackbox included.

  • The JR Tamworth 2, 3 or 4 Horse Angle Load can be made to your needs. This angle load comes with a large front tack box and also comes with the option of a deluxe model with a fold down double bed, showers and kitchen.

  • The JR Cloncurry 2HSL with Living is a large float with a kitchen and bench which folds down quickly to a double bed (available in an angle load also). Very popular with those that need to do overnighters.

  • The JR Emerald Gooseneck is similar to a Longreach plus living with standard heights and bays.

  • The JR Cloncurry Gooseneck tows beautifully and is produced custom made to suit your budget and needs, and is the maximum width for your horses and includes anti-scramble tack bins.

  • The JR Ballina 2HSL is our front off load float with 3 ramps and all anti-scramble features. This model can also be produced in the Condamine size.