In July 2015, Matt and Katie had their house packed up ready to go to work in Mozambique Africa, doing Christian humanitarian work. With a few months to go yet, Matt's boss Barry (previous owner of JR) was retiring and selling the business. Matt found out that JR was going to end and after praying and consulting with Katie (of course LOL), they made a decision to stay and carry on the company, and ultimately have the goal of producing income to make a real difference. 

Matt had been involved in producing, designing and managing the production of top of the line caravans and gooseneck trailers for over 20 years, so transitioning to just horse floats wasn't difficult, especially as most of the workforce went with him to the new location. 

 Matts desire as a business owner is to have a company that values people and maintains an honesty and integrity with its customers, and sponsor lots of needy kids along the way, as well as other projects like horse refuges.

Katie works alongside Matt in the business. They are the parents of 5 almost grown up children, 4 boys and one girl. Their oldest is 26 and their youngest is 18, and keep them busy still!  Katie has a degree in community development and her passion is to look after her family and friends and volunteer for Compassion Australia and other awesome charities. They are currently training to be foster carers.

They both love horses and all animals and love the fact that they can be involved in supplying the safest and most humane method of horse transport in Australia. It feels like a privilege to look after beautiful horses  and give them the safety and respect they deserve.