Our first JR goes on the big boat to Tassie - Plus a 2018 overview

It was a big year..but aren’t most of them?

We met some amazing people including some para-equestrians that were supported by amazing mums.

We changed and improved and created some new products including our JR Bendigo

We finally got to meet Melanie Quick from Problem Horses at Equitana. What a bundle of great experience all around and knowledge!

It was a huge trip for us with 2 cars, 2 floats and 2 days solid driving though to Melbourne in November. It was great to have 2 lovely friends (thanks Linda and Kasey) that helped out for the 4 days and we also had John Chatterton on our stand to help demonstrate the anti-scramble floats he designed a long time ago, but also to give advice on his horse care and training tips.

We were introduced to South Australia for the first time in many years, which was great as the more JR’s the more safe and happy horses there are in Australia!

After Equitana, we put a Condamine on the Spirit of Tasmania to go to Tracey who was VERY excited! The week previously, we had also shipped a Longreach all the way around to Perth…The JR’s are certainly getting around and people are getting excited as they understand what a difference a content horse makes to a day out.

We thank so many people because a business is always a team effort. We have some great employees that have been with us from the beginning. Here’s looking forward to another year of progress, innovation and new friends and relationships forged…woops.. I forgot to mention adventures.. We are always the first in line for more of those! Thank you to the people that have trusted us with their horses and their floating dreams! Happy 2019 everyone!