For the Farmers Fundraiser

We don’t just make horse floats. We are in business to make a difference to the world around us.. While the farmers suffer, so do we. We make it our aim to bare the burdens our fellow countrymen face as they pray for the rains to come.

While the stock is sent off in big trucks and agisted, farmers are stressed at seeing the death and suffering the rest experience with no grass and no water in their dams.

Looking forward to a great time with our local equestrian friends on Saturday night the 27th October. Every cent made goes to the farmers.. There’s a wise old saying “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Rain please hold off until the next day!

Update: We made $3700 which is amazing! Shows what happens when groups get together and collaborate their skills, time and energy. Thank you to the Chambers Flat Equestrian Club and the Red Rivers Trail Riding Club also.. We had a great night!