The Real Meaning of Easter and Life Savers

We don’t often talk about it, but we 100% believe in a good God that created the beautiful earth we live in…complete with amazing fish, animals (horses being the best of course), mountains, seas, lakes and so much variety and life to enjoy.

Yesterday, we heard of a story where 2 life savers Ross and Andrew from the Mornington Peninsula tried to save the life of an Asian tourist in trouble…Thankfully the tourist survived, but the day will forever remain a sad one because the life savers were father and son…and they both perished near the rocks in big waves. They died and gave their lives whilst trying to save someone else.  

The biggest LOVE story of all history is celebrated at Easter as our creator God sent his only son Jesus Christ to pay for the sins of mankind by dying on a cross, even though he was innocent of all charges. In Roman times, the cross and crucifixion was used for convicted criminals, but he had done nothing wrong. In fact, he healed people, miraculously fed people, bought people back from the dead, made the blind to see and showed compassion on many people.

Without God's intervention and sacrifice, our own stubborn sin (none of us are exempt sorry) would lead us to eternal death and separation from God and goodness. A horrible prospect. He willingly died for EVERY one of us making it possible through our true belief in Him to have forgiveness and eternal life in a place with no sickness, no pain, no evil, no death, no poverty or abuse and no ageing LOL.

None of are disqualified from being totally loved and adored by God and offered this free gift. No sin is so great that Jesus did not pay for it when he was crucified for us. If we want proof of Jesus and God, just go to your paddock and find the immaculate and beautiful design of one horse, watch a sunrise, see a rainbow or be amazed at one flower. An intelligent and loving God designed them for us to enjoy.

He loves YOU! If you were the only one left on planet earth today, his huge love would still have sent Jesus to pay for your sin, so he could have a relationship with you as your friend. He loves us just as we are like a good good Father would.

Here is a link to a prayer you can say if you would like to ask for his forgiveness and get his guidance and help for life in return. He loves to talk to us, wants to guide us and give us a life we can’t even imagine. If you would like any clarity or have any God questions, we are happy to answer them.

Happy Easter to all!

Matt & Kate (

Prayer of Forgiveness (say it out aloud)

Dear God,

I admit I am a sinner and need your forgiveness; I believe that Jesus Christ died in my place paying the penalty for my sins. I am willing right now to turn from my sin and accept Jesus as my personal saviour and Lord. I commit myself to you and ask you to send the Holy Spirit into my life, to fill me and take control, and to help me become the kind of person you want me to be. Thank you Father for loving me. In Jesus name. Amen

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40 degree record temps this week but still the boys continue!

It has been a stinker here! The mercury reached 40-42 celcius out here at Logan Village. Our boys plodded on unperturbed but the cooler definitely needed filling several times. We are still toughing it out in the office with no air con, but next year we will prep for a cooler environment.

Last week we sent out first anti-scramble horse float off to South Australia for a loooong time which is very exciting! After Equitana last year, many people got to see a JR for the first time.

We also held a fundraiser for Nathan Harvey last week. His family is very excited to send him to Dubai for the Summer Olympics. He is such an awesome young man! Kind and hard working and just amazing. His mum works very hard to ensure he is doing what he loves in the Equestrian field. He will competing in showjumping, which he is actually very new to.

Nathan is the second from the left!


Our first JR goes on the big boat to Tassie - Plus a 2018 overview

It was a big year..but aren’t most of them?

We met some amazing people including some para-equestrians that were supported by amazing mums.

We changed and improved and created some new products including our JR Bendigo

We finally got to meet Melanie Quick from Problem Horses at Equitana. What a bundle of great experience all around and knowledge!

It was a huge trip for us with 2 cars, 2 floats and 2 days solid driving though to Melbourne in November. It was great to have 2 lovely friends (thanks Linda and Kasey) that helped out for the 4 days and we also had John Chatterton on our stand to help demonstrate the anti-scramble floats he designed a long time ago, but also to give advice on his horse care and training tips.

We were introduced to South Australia for the first time in many years, which was great as the more JR’s the more safe and happy horses there are in Australia!

After Equitana, we put a Condamine on the Spirit of Tasmania to go to Tracey who was VERY excited! The week previously, we had also shipped a Longreach all the way around to Perth…The JR’s are certainly getting around and people are getting excited as they understand what a difference a content horse makes to a day out.

We thank so many people because a business is always a team effort. We have some great employees that have been with us from the beginning. Here’s looking forward to another year of progress, innovation and new friends and relationships forged…woops.. I forgot to mention adventures.. We are always the first in line for more of those! Thank you to the people that have trusted us with their horses and their floating dreams! Happy 2019 everyone!

Dr Melanie Quick at Equitana

What are you thankful for?

This week, many people around the globe celebrated a tradition called Thanksgiving. Whilst it is not an Australian tradition, I would much rather take that on than the darkness and origins of Halloween.

We had an amazing time at Equitana in Melbourne and one of the things I am thankful for is Dr Melanie Quick who is an amazing horse woman, vet, chiropractor, farrier, horse trainer and has committed her life to the well being of working with horses, their behaviour issues and their health and well being. I would have to write a chapter about her, but the thing that stood out to me was that she is kind and friendly and just plain nice!

Now I may be wrong, but it seems like we are all getting a bit too self absorbed and would rather be on our phones at the bus stop than saying ‘Hello’ to the old lady sitting next to us…. so that is beautiful. Here is a link for her website. So much to learn from her and her experience!

A couple of years ago, Melanie gave us some recommendations to make our floats safer, recognising the safe design was the most humane way to float a horse and wanting to support and recommend us. We are happy to say her checklist was completed and we love listening to our horse loving clients and improving whenever we can.

If you get a chance check Dr Melanie Quicks site out and treat yourself to some new knowledge and glean from the expertise she has in many areas of equine care. #theproblemhorse

Equitana 2018.jpeg

For the Farmers Fundraiser

We don’t just make horse floats. We are in business to make a difference to the world around us.. While the farmers suffer, so do we. We make it our aim to bare the burdens our fellow countrymen face as they pray for the rains to come.

While the stock is sent off in big trucks and agisted, farmers are stressed at seeing the death and suffering the rest experience with no grass and no water in their dams.

Looking forward to a great time with our local equestrian friends on Saturday night the 27th October. Every cent made goes to the farmers.. There’s a wise old saying “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Rain please hold off until the next day!

Update: We made $3700 which is amazing! Shows what happens when groups get together and collaborate their skills, time and energy. Thank you to the Chambers Flat Equestrian Club and the Red Rivers Trail Riding Club also.. We had a great night!