Amazing Australian Made Horse Floats Built to Last... Your Horses Comfort and Safety Are Our First Priority! 5 Year Workmanship Warranty

Established in 1992 by John Chatterton, JR’s were designed to address the problem of poor horse travel.

What does Anti-Scramble actually mean? When you see scrape marks up the side of your float where your horses are trying to spread out and get a grip to balance, that is a scramble mark. They range from light to gouging out the sides of both angle and straight loads. This results in nervous, stressed and sweaty horses who are trying to gain control of their stance and stay upright in a moving trailer.

The solution? Our design combines the benefits of both angle and straight loads PLUS adds in extra safety and comfort features like our sloped walls and chest bars.

The sloped walls give an extra 25 cm per bay, the adjustable chest bars support the horses torso when braking and on rough roads and corners, holding them in like a seat belt. The rump bars are spaced 20 cm from the rear tailgate wall and are fitted just under their tail bone, enabling them to actually sit on the bar. The facts are you get calm, relaxed horses which makes horse transporting a lot easier!

We make Angle Loads too..At JR, we make exactly what you need including Angle loads and all Living Options. Made in Logan Village, QLD we can custom built to your exact needs and you can follow us with the process while we build.

Fully Adjustable bays

Need to float a foal and a warm blood? No worries with our safety settings and custom adjustments built to suit your horses. Horses should be supported by close bays, so with our adjustable bars, they are supported as well as possible in a moving trailer.

Making the strongest chassis on the market, Al-Ko load sharing suspension, galvanising and Japanese bearings, your JR float will support your horses weight safely.  The extra 25 cm leg width with our anti-scramble features, will keep them safe & comfortable and give you peace of mind that your horses are travelling first class.

With a JR, there is no scrambling or panicking as horses can balance and spread out. The chest bars act like seat belts ensuring safety as much as possible. In our anti-scramble floats, horses can have head room AND leg room. This reduces travel anxiety for your horse.

You now have a happy travelling environment for your precious horses so you can know all is well in the trailer behind you. We make floats to travel from A to B or for that luxurious weekend experience we can glam up your float, both in angles and straight load anti-scramble. With showers, deluxe cupboards, air con, full kitchens, fold down double beds or swing up bunks, the choice is yours.

"After stalking JR’s for years and finally doing it, we took the boys up to a friend’s farm near Mansfield, Victoria last week, first long-ish trip. Wow. Our boy that was previously a sweating, pooing wreck travelled like a dream. You’re no doubt used to these stories, but just had to let you know how great the float was."

Robwyn, January 2017