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The JR Easy Traveller was designed by a professional horseman with a unique depth of understanding of the personality of horses. 

Click Here to read more. John Chatterton's book 'TEN COMMANDMENTS' is our FREE gift to you when you purchase any JR anti-scramble float.


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Customer Testimonials 

JR Condamine - Feedback from Stephanie July 2016 on JR Easy Traveller FB Page

"I absolutely LOVE my JR Condamine. It's spacious, light, cool interior gives my horses an enormous advantage for comfortable travel especially with our Qld summers!" "The extra room is wonderful for competing as my horse and I don't get in each other's way.He is steadfast in the Condamine and has ample room to spread his legs to balance himself. He can get claustrophic in a regular straight load, however in my Condamine he has great head and leg room and is obviously comfortable, arriving even after long trips, cool and relaxed."

"There are many things I like about this float...the bum bars that are offset so there is no chance of a tailrub, the adjustable chest bars so any horse can be securely travelled, the ample storage made from the nifty anti-scramble tack bins (great for my horses hoses and leads etc). It tows extremely well, is very stable and as I've said I've found it to be well ventilated and inviting inside for the horses."


Passing On Our Sincere Appreciation

March 2016 

Cloncurry Horse Float 

To Lenny, Matt and the team at Easy Traveller

We would like to pass on our sincere appreciation for the whole process that ended with the delivery of our beautiful Cloncurry. You have been a pleasure to work with over the planning and building phases, keeping us up to date with regular photos and paying special attention to detail as well as incorporating our own ideas. Our first outing was last weekend and our horses loaded without hesitation and travelled three hours brilliantly to arrive relaxed and ready to compete - as with our Condamine no compromise with the horse accomodation and the Cloncurry gives us the camping comfort we wanted.

Thanks Lenny for always looking at things from a horse perspective and Matt the expert trailer builder!

Thanks to you all

Doug, Ros and Nicky

Why I bought a J R Easy Traveller

February 2016 

Anti-Scramble Easy Traveller Horse Float reviewThe decision to buy a new float is a big one. After all, our most precious friends are travelling in it and for me safety and comfort were the main criteria. Naturally price also played a part. Like most people I had a budget to stick to.

I started off looking at second hand floats however quickly realised that I would be buying somebody else's needs and preferences so I moved on to explore the new float market. Oh what a lot of choices there are out there.

I trekked from manufacturer to manufacturer, I spent hours checking tailgate weights, looking at options, comparing prices for base models. It became quite a time consuming project, but worth it, as I said, my animals are important and I wanted the best I could get with the money I had.

Some facts that I discovered in my search:

J R Easy Traveller offer a base model that includes most of the features that you need to add on to base models by other companies (for example, the second personal access door, the enclosed sides with windows, the vinyl storm cover, the checker plating all round). The J R Easy Traveller base model float literally is drive away whereas other floats I looked at required a number of 'extras' just to make them usable. When you calculated the cost of these 'extras', the price of a J R Easy Traveller was very comparable with other floats.

Anti-Scramble Easy Traveller Horse Float reviewPlus, and here is the big plus, you get the patented antiscramble system. No one else is able to add this and in a J R Easy Traveller, it's standard. Why is antiscramble so important? Let me tell you my experience.

When I started towing a float some years ago part of my training was to ride in the float. I rode in an empty float and then decided it would also be good to ride with horses. So my two clydies and I went for a trip together along a very long driveway. What I witnessed was horrendous. The noise and the constant movement required by the horses (and the driver assured me we didn't go over 20kph). The entire way my big girls were having to readjust their stance just to stay upright. I was horrified, no wonder they were exhausted when we got to a competition.

Last year we welcomed a gorgeous little filly into our lives. Within 24 hours it was evident that she needed urgent medical attention. We loaded bub and mum into my partner's J R Easy Traveller. As the foal was deteriorating rapidly I made a decision to travel in the float with the horses. WOW. Despite being highly distressed our new mum stood comfortably. The float barely moved. Now I could see why, when we used Peter's float, our horses arrived at venues so much more relaxed. They weren't working hard all throughout the journey. The noise levels were minimal and even the sharp, almost hairpin, bend to get into the equine hospital, was barely noticeable from within the float. My float pretty much got shelved that day.

Anti-Scramble Easy Traveller Horse Float reviewI remembered this experience when I was looking at new floats. I did the price comparison which proved for me that the price difference (once the extras were taken into account on other brands) was minimal and the value of the anti-scramble is priceless.

I highly recommend the team at J R Easy Traveller. When I was designing my new float (isn't she gorgeous?) I suggested extras that would have increased their profit margin but Matthew was adamant. Such inclusions would compromise the horse's (and in my case donkey's) comfort and, as he stressed, 'we make floats that look after the animals in them'. I can only say that he sticks to his word.

The finish is great, they have matched the purple decals and vinyl to the colour of my show jacket and Matthew, Katie, Lenny and the team have become like friends as they checked and rechecked and ensured that my float was perfect for me.

Thanks J R Easy Traveller, and not just from me, but from two delighted donkeys, six happy horses and four awe-struck alpacas. There is no doubt about it, from now on, they are going to be travelling 'First Class'.

Joan Wilson-Jones, Mt Samson

I have used my JR float since 1997. In that time the float has transported several thoroughbred mares and foals, yearlings, racehorses and equestrian horses, all of which travelled exceptionally well.

The JR float stands true to its design when transporting double bay horses. I have a thoroughbred broodmare, of which in the past has turned herself upside down and has gone over the partition (I wasn't the driver). Subsequently she suffered back injuries and could no longer race. I decided to challenge the JR design by putting this mare in a single bay and with another very quiet horse alongside. I then proceeded to my destination (12 klm) driving steadily on a road that required several sweeping bends to the left and right. During the journey the mare did not move. When we went to unload her she was relaxed and had no evidence of sweat, she also walked off like a normal horse. In a straight side float with two bays, this mare would constantly kick, rock the float forwards and backwards (causing the vehicle to surge) and throw herself against the walls.

I find the JR float to be a pleasure to tow. It is stable on all types of road surfaces. When in transit the float has minimal noise and draws in minimal dust when on gravel roads.

The JR EASY Traveller is a compatible design for horses of all shapes and sizes. The JR float is without a doubt, complemented by its workmanship and the quality of materials used. The JR team were very helpful, patient, open minded, and obviously have pride in their work.

Congratulations John, Barry and staff.


I am very pleased with the JR Easy Traveller I purchased because my Anglo Arab mare who used to scramble now travels well. The JR Easy Traveller motto on the back of the float, "Travelling First Class" is not an exaggeration. Also I had confirmed with a man who repairs floats that the construction was top quality before I purchased. I am pleased with the comfort of having interior lights, a rug rack and a water tank.

Gae Frecklington, N.S.W.

We are writing to say how thrilled we are with the JR Easy Traveller. All our problems are over. We have relaxed and confident horses loading and travelling.

Our major decision to purchase the JR was a scrambling and access problem we were having. Our stud situated on the Colo River has a 1.9 km access down a steep mountain and normally we would have to walk our horses half the way due to the steepness. Your float with the adjustable chest and rump bars have solved our problem and we now can drive up and down without any danger to our horses or ourselves.

After losing one of our treasured mares through excessive stress due to scrambling we were not prepared to go through the terrible ordeal again. The splayed sides on your float gives our horses room to comfortably stand and travel as well as being safe in their 'seat belts'.

Congratulations on the hight standard of manufacture. You have looked into everything to make your float the safest product on the market. Well, it should be, we are carrying a very important cargo.

Best wishes and thank you once again for the great product.

Sue Hicks, Tall Timbers Arabian Horse Farm, N.S.W.

An excellent product supported by an even better team at Action. The floats are kind to horses, a joy to tow and the suspension system is very smooth. Action stand behind this product with service and after sales support. It is a pleasure to deal with them.

G. Hogarth, Q.L.D.

After many years of transporting horses by truck, as we now have only two horses being campaigned, I decided to purchase a two horse float. I looked at many makes and types of floats, especially angle loading as in the past I have had problems with horses scrambling in floats.

It was decided that we look into the JR float and I contacted John Chatterton and arranged to inspect the float John had been using. John was very helpful in his advice and I observed that there was not a mark inside the float which indicated to me that horses must be comfortable travelling in the float.

Since we purchased our JR float (June 96) we have not had any trouble with travelling horses and we have travelled many thousands of kilometres to competitions. A horse we purchased at the beginning of this year had a history of sweating badly due to nerves whilst being transported, even during a short journey of 4 klms. The same horse had completed a round trip of 1000 klms, without any signs of sweating and appeared to be comfortable and relaxed on the float.

I have found the quality of construction and workmanship to be excellent and have had no problems with it. The JR float is also very easy to tow and feels extremely stable on the road. I would recommend JR Floats to any person looking to by a new float.

Keith Sullivan, Q.L.D.

I would not buy another brand of float after owning the JR Easy Traveller. I have a horse that scrambles with divider across but since getting the JR he has never scrambled and I can now take another horse in the float with him. Being busy and travelling with show horses with high values, I know they are safe when travelling in the JR and the horses have a comfortable ride.

Virginia Arndt, Q.L.D.

I would like to thank Barry, John and all the guys at JR Easy Traveller Floats. Not only am I extremely happy with my Float, but was very impressed with the after sale service. I was treated as an important customer, even after I purchased the Float and went back to Barry for a few alterations, a true business man. This has been the first Float I have owned and have never floated previously. The float is light and I not only forget it is on the back of the car, but also my horse is in it. Rahja does not move. The best feature on the Float is the extra leg room Rahja has when travelling which keeps him balanced. We both are very happy. Rahja walks on his float voluntary. He feels very safe and so do I. Thank you for a great Float and a load off my mind when floating. I recommend this Float for any type of horse.

Julie Argiro, Q.L.D.

I am writing to you to let you know how pleased we are with all aspects of the JR Easy Traveller Horse float. These aspects include not only the safe travelling of our horses but also the quality of manufacture, the towing ease, the engineering quality and the service provided by your company.

Travelling horses to events used to be a traumatic experience. I used to have a sigh of relief once we had arrived at our destinations which always seemed to have bad road conditions. On one trip our Clydesdale scrambled and kicked the side of our old float out.

Now with the JR Easy Traveller Horse float there is no trauma to both driver and horse. Both arrive calm ready for action. The JR Easy Traveller Horse float has solved all our floating problems and we would highly recommend it to anyone who has to transport horses.

G & S Descovich, Q.L.D.